Snow clearing today

We will be out throughout the afternoon.

The forecast is calling for 25-50 cm.

Snow clearing will begin this morning and a second clearing visit will take place late this afternoon or early this evening. Given the considerable amount of snow expected, you may want to avoid driving today as most cars will get stuck in the streets under these conditions.

We will be out clearing snow this afternoon.

Given that we had a couple of cm today and there have been several small accumulations in the past weeks, we will be clearing snow this afternoon and evening. Send us an e-mail to let us know if something was missed.

Next snow clearing run likely to start around noon on Sunday.

If the forecast is correct and we get a couple of cm of snow overnight and tomorrow morning, we will be clearing snow throughout the afternoon Sunday Jan. 9.

Next time we get a couple of cm…

Since the snow in the forecast never materialized, we didn’t do a run on Sunday Jan. 2. There are a couple of small snowfalls expected this week. We look forward to taking one of those as an opportunity to give your driveways a cleaning.

Snow clearing expected to take place Jan. 2nd. Happy new year from the crew at O.G.S.M. ltd

Given that the forecast is calling for a few cm of snow during the night of Jan. 1 and during the morning of Jan. 2, we expect to be out clearing snow beginning late morning on Sunday Jan. 2.

Snow clearing Dec. 19, 2021

We will be clearing driveways this morning and expect runs to be completed before noon. Walkway service should be complete before dinner time today. Let us know if something was missed by sending an e-mail to

We have updated our name to O.G.S.M. Ltd (Ottawa Grass & and Snow Masters)

Winter will be here before you know it. Set-up your snow clearing service before we close our client list.

Please call or e-mail us today.

613-501-TURF (8873)

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